Blister, thermoformed blister, thermal welding, high frequency welding

Applications: packaging of products sold in self-service outlets.

Technique: design and production of a thermoformed shell which hugs the contours of the product. The shell is filled with the product(s) and then bonded to the base, which can be cardboard (thermal seal) or plastic (high frequency seal). The blister packs can be drilled with an European hole for hanging on the self-service rods. The background can be neutral or printed on one or both sides.

Équipment: Matrelec, Thimonier or Illig machines.

Advantages: qualitative packaging protecting the product from theft while ensuring its perfect visibility.

The ADB plus: you entrust us with a sample of your product and we take care of the sleeve design and procurement. We can also take care of the printed base of the blister pack.


Some examples of our creations