ADB Conditionnement, Packaging business

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  • With Adb conditionnement your ideas become marketable products in no time. We add to your creativity important and reactive capacities to wrap in film (flow pack, wrapping without visible seams, shrink wrapping) or put in blister pack (high frequency welded blisters, thermoformed blisters) for assembling and decorating kits and games sets or cosmetics, and wrap in high quality X-folded cellophane. This know-how can be combined to meet all your needs, complete with marking, labelling or gluing with permanent or fugitive glues.

    Our team of custom packaging professionals with long experience and a large network of suppliers will carefully analyse your needs and bring you the best solution at the right price.

    You can ultimately count on Adb conditionnement’s modern and perfectly adapted infrastructure, its management information system and its electronically operated warehouse.

    We cater for publishers of collections, games, magazines, cards, books or comics, cosmetics brands or luxury goods, brands that market in almost any distribution networks.