Our infrastructure

Designed to meet all YOUR needs

A perfectly sized and functional building

Built by and for adb conditionnement in 2006, our building with a total surface area of 5100m2 is designed to avoid crossing flows. Deliveries are received at the end of the building at two unloading docks suitable for trailers and for the opening of 20 or 40 foot shipping containers, and a ramp for light vehicles.

At the other end of the building, two other loading docks are dedicated to outward shipments.

Computer controlled, significant storage capacity

Our warehouse of 3000 m2, completely equipped with metal shelving, allows storage of approximately 3500 pallets. The management of the cells and each pallet is carried out with a barcode reader integrated in our CAPM software.

When in need of massive or long-term storage beyond our capacity, we have an external solution with a reliable and responsive logistics partner.

Computer-aided production management (CAPM)

Our production management software allows us to track the stock and flow of each of the components, including those delivered by our customers, of finished products and manage the lot numbers accurately at any moment.
All computer data on the server is automatically saved locally and remotely.

A customs status of an active processor

If the components that we package for you originate from a country outside the European Community and the destination of the finished product is also outside the European Community, you can avoid the double application of customs duties thanks to our status. We take care of customs declarations for import and export.