Our strengths

Our strengths make the difference!

YOU will appreciate our distinguishing factors in the contract packaging business.

Flexibility: We adapt to your requirements with our tools, our organisation, our human resources and our mindset.

Reactivity & Adaptability : We will cope with your emergencies and react to all your constraints so that you can put your products on the market on time.

Availability & respect for our commitment : You can count on us. Your contact person will provide an answer to all of your doubts and will act promptly, from the receipt of your components to the delivery of your products in France or abroad.

Competitiveness : Our obsessions: effectiveness and control of productivity in our operations, be they administrative or in packaging. We regularly review our methods and improve our equipment to be able to offer you the right price at all times.

Creativity : Our experience with the various trades our customers engage in enables us to bring ideas or transfer innovative technology for your benefit.

Quality & Attention to detail : Beyond compliance with our quality procedures, you can count on us to ensure that your orders are complete and consistent, and meet your specifications.

Environment : Objective zero waste. We have recycling or recovery facilities for almost all of our waste, which becomes secondary raw materials. All of our packaging materials are recyclable or recycled and we test films made from bio-sourced materials in order to meet future regulatory requirements.