Who we are

Created in 2003 by experienced packaging professionals, adb conditionnement has developed rapidly with customers working in a wide variety of sectors.

Since 2006, adb conditionnement has been installed in new buildings perfectly adapted to its production; the storage capacity is approximately 2500 pallets.

adb conditionnement has regularly invested in its equipment to bring new services to its customers, to increase its productivity and to promote teamwork

In 2013, two lines of productive equipment were added.

2014 saw the arrival of a new, highly versatile shrink-wrapping machine.

At the end of 2015, a highly efficient X-folded cellophane wrapping machine allowed adb conditionnement to complement its expertise in the cosmetics and luxury sectors.

In 2016, improvements were made to the warehouse. CAPM enables optimised management of the warehouse locations and improved flow accuracy.

In 2017, the fleet of machines will be completed to facilitate the handling and repair of the area dedicated to cosmetic services.

A machine to make mini flow-packs joins our arsenal and completes our expertise.

In the same year, we reinforced our international reach by strengthening our ADV team to speak English to our international clients.

Finally, this renewed website will be completed with an English version.