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We package the fruit of your inspiration


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    With ADB Conditionnement, your ideas become marketable products in no time. We add to your creativity important and reactive packing capacities: wrap in film, blistering, assembly and filling of kits or boxes, batch assembly, marking, manual operations and many other services to satisfy you.

    FOR YOU, a specialist in secondary and tertiary packaging

    Our team of custom packaging professionals has many years of experience and a large network of suppliers to carefully analyse your needs and provide you with the best solution at the right price.
    For the management of your services and components, you can ultimately count on ADB Conditionnement’s modern and perfectly adapted infrastructure, its management information system and its electronically operated warehouse.

    For us, the satisfaction of a job well done and our reward: your LOYALTY

    ADB Conditionnement’s know-howensures that each of its customers receives quality advice and service that meets their most specific expectations
    We meet the needs of publishers of collections, games, magazines, cards, books or comics, cosmetic or luxury product brands, and those who market their products in all types of distribution networks, whether specialised or supermarket.

    Let’s talk about THE CIRCULAR ECONOMY

    At ADB Conditionnement, the circular economy is in action. We offer you recyclable and/or recycled materials for film wrapping. In the field of blister packs, we are currently working on a packaging that is completely free of materials of fossil origin. This packaging can then be disposed of in the recyclable waste bin.

    In our workshop, a selective sorting of waste and scrap is in place to facilitate recycling. All our waste is then compacted to limit the volume to be transported, and then sent to the recycling or disposal channels.


    You contact us, we answer you very quickly. You expect a quick quote, you get one. You have a change of programme, a delay, an emergency, or a change of service: ADB adapts.

    You want to know the status of your suppliers’ deliveries, how your service is progressing, or the stock of your products: ADB informs you regularly and quickly. Your need is in August or in week 52: ADB is always there.